4 Years on Keto – My Blood Test Results

I shared the results of my blood tests on YouTube today but the trouble about reading these numbers out on a video is that it’s hard to get a good idea of them. I have posted pictures of the results but they’re in French and I know that most of you speak English as a first language so I’ll go through them anyway.
If you want a free list of the blood tests that I asked for then all you have to do is sign up at the bottom of the page. You will get a downloadable PDF, delivered to your inbox, that you can save or print to bring to your GP. These tests can be expensive if you are paying out of pocket but I really recommend you try to get at least a few of them so you have a good picture of your current health and then it’s really cool when you look back in another few months and see how far your health has come.
I got my last set of tests in 2018 so I will give the results for both and explain a bit about the difference. I’m not going to go through the breakdown of blood cells as they’re all in the normal range.

TypeWhat is doesRange20182020
Platelets (Plaquettes)These are responsible for blood clotting. I have always been a bleeder and bruised like a peach. My results here are very good!150-445160216
Fasting GlucoseI am not worried about the higher results on this. It’s one reading, not a pattern plus getting blood tests is stressful! Stress = higher glucose. With my HbA1c and HOMIR results I am happy my glucose levels are healthy.4.11-5.895.325.93
TriglyceridesTriglycerides are a combination of three fatty acids or fats (i.e. saturated fat, unsaturated fat or both) combined with glycerol, a form of glucose. Triglycerides are our main source of energy on a keto diet. 0.40-1.700.741.01
HDLHDL is like a vacuum cleaner for cholesterol in the body. When it’s at healthy levels in your blood, it removes extra cholesterol and plaque buildup in your arteriesGreater than 1.301.401.36
LDLLDL is known as the “bad” cholesterol but only because a higher amount has been shown to correlate with heart disease. Remember though that correlation doesn’t mean that it’s the cause of.< 2.6 mmol/L (orthadox guidelines)4.003.39
GGTMeasures the health of the liverLess than 4076
CRPC-Reactive Protein measures inflammation in the body. People with diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illness have high levels of CRP. Less than 53.02.9
FerritinThis test measures the amount of ferritin in the blood. Ferritin is a blood protein that contains iron but is not the same thing as the iron level in your blood. A lower-than-normal ferritin level can indicate that you have an iron deficiency. This is where I have made the biggest leaps in health thanks to a mostly carnivore diet rich in beef.15-1501739
HbA1cMeasures the average blood glucose over the last 3 months. If this is high it means that my blood glucose was high a lot over the last three months. This result tells me that I didn’t so I don’t have to worry about glucose reading this time.4% to 6%None4.7%
TSHThis measures Thyroid Stimulating hormone. If you remember I had a hard time getting my doctor to treat me for the high TSH number I had in 2018. As you can see there is a huge improvement.0.27-
Fasting InsulinThis shows what my fasting insulin looks like. Coupled with the HbA1c and fasting glucose these are used to diagnose diabetes or prediabetes.2.5-24.9None5.6
HOMA-IRHomeostasis model of Insulin Resistance shows the measure of insulin resistance I have in my body. 0.74 – 2-26None1.43
I am really happy with these results. I can see the improvements in my numbers where I was concerned before. I will repeat these bloods in 6 months. Remember if you want a copy of the list of blood tests I ask for then sign up below.

Christina xx