New to keto? To help you get going I’ve put together my 5 Tips for Keto Beginners list below. It can be really overwhelming, especially at the beginning, to take in all of the information and pick through everyone’s idea of what keto is and how it should be done. I know, I’ve been there!  These 5 Keto Tips for beginners are things I’ve learned for myself through trial and error and that I incorporate into my everyday keto life!

Tip 1

Always read the label. Don’t just read the nutrition label because that only tells you half of the story. The ingredients are far more important in my opinion than just what’s on the nutritional label because it may “fit into your macros” but could contain ingredients that drive inflammation which will hamper your weight loss.

Tip 2

Find a food that you like and stick with it for as long as you can. For the first year and a half that I was on keto I had two slices of bacon and two eggs every single morning. Even now I still have bacon and eggs most mornings because it’s a nutritious and filling meal but also because it’s so easy switch up the eggs. I rotate between scrambled, poached, fried and boiled.

Tip 3

Stick to real, whole foods. This is again because of the anti-inflammatory properties of Keto. Healing is the number one way we optimise our weight loss and we can only do that to optimising our nutrition. In reality we could eat two cookies as our total carbs for the day and then just eat the rest of our calories from protein and fat. However, that’s not going to be good for you and you will be missing out on essential nutrients. By avoiding eating something that is pro inflammatory you will not only lose weight but heal any underlying, hidden damage.

Tip 4

Avoid replacement carb food. For the first year and a half that I was on keto I did not do any keto baking, I didn’t make fat bombs either. I stuck to 90 percent chocolate or 100 percent chocolate. As soon as I introduced these things into my keto diet I slowed my weight loss signficantly. It was a mistake because up to that point it was working really well for me. I was able to stay on keto and I wasn’t tempted to carb because I had removed the sweet tastes completely from my diet. Once I introduced keto bread and keto baking my weight loss slowed down and I found it much more difficult to resist carbarge temptations.

If you find yourself easily triggered by these things then just cut them out. It’s much easier to be 100 percent compliant than it is to be 99 percent compliant. So if that chocolate keto mug cake with almonds is going to trigger you to want more carbs, skip it and find something else that works for you. Take care not to have too many replacement foods that might end up hampering your weight loss.

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Tip 5

If it’s not working change it. This might seem like a simple thing but we get so used to eating a certain way that we do it on autopilot. If you have stopped losing weight or are in the first few weeks of keto and you are hungry or feel like snacking all the time then there is something not right and it’s not working so you need to change what you are doing. This is especially important when it comes to macros because the macro are simply guidelines. No app can tell you what your body needs every day so listen to your body! 

Track what you’re eating, track your moods, track how you’re feeling and track your energy too because you’ll start to see patterns emerging. For example, if you’re snacking in between meals, it means that you’re probably not eating enough at your mealtime or you might be eating too many carbs and it’s making you hungry. You will find yourself needing to adjust as you go along on your weight loss as your body changes, it’s needs change too. 

Christina xx 

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