This is my very own website that I set up in February 2018.  I am a keto enthusiast who loves taking the science and keto knowledge and making it accessible to everyone.  I am not a doctor nor medically trained, however I am a fully qualified nutrition coach.

All views and opinions expressed here are my own and are my interpretations of various resources such as books, lectures, scientific papers, videos etc. and are based on my own personal experiences.

Not everything works the same for everyone, as such, if something worked/s for me, it  does not mean it will work for you and in turn, if something  does not work for me, it might work for you! This is the difficulty that a lot of people face when trying keto and why they often turn to the support and guidance of an experienced coach.

From time to time, I am sent unsolicited products to review. Being sent products in this manner does not guarantee a positive review, or a review at all.

All my reviews are 100% honest whether they are on products I bought myself or was sent unsolicited.

In order to support what I do here and to fulfil my mission to keep this information freely available to anyone, without cost, I need to have other ways to make income.  Patreon is a wholly voluntary method of sponsorship. It is an additional source of information, videos, recipes and other resources that are provided to Patrons. It is not currently, nor do have I plans to, replace the content on YouTube or my website with the Patreon content. It is purely a resource for those who can to contribute to my mission.

Affiliate links.  Some of the links on the website are affiliate links.  These links are to websites I use myself, and for products I recommend.  These affiliate links do not add any extra cost for you when we use affiliate links, it just means I get a tiny percentage of any sales made which I then put back into the website or YouTube channel.

From time to time, we will accept sponsored posts.  These posts must fit in with the mission of what I do here. I will always make a declaration if a post, recipe or video is sponsored.