Bone broth recipe is probably one of the most popular recipes requested from newbies starting out on a keto diet. It’s an important way to make sure that you get key nutrients, electrolytes and good fats. Keto bone broth is the way to do this. I’m going to provide you with a simple, basic bone broth recipe but the absolute magic about this is that you can add or substitute anything (as long as it’s keto!) to change the taste or texture of this broth. It’s highly nutritious and can be used liberally throughout your keto day.

I’m not going to specify which types of bones to use because it can be anything within your budget from chicken to beef to venison! A good tip is to make friends with your local butcher. The bones are mostly wasted so he’ll probably be happy to make a bit of extra money from selling you the bones. A good tip is to try ox tail – it makes a delicious broth.

Your bone broth will contain lots of fats so you will always get a layer of scum on the top. If it’s grey and murky then skim it off and throw it away as the broth cooks. If it’s clear and golden then leave it be. That’s what we want to see! If you are not comfortable drinking the broth with the fat visible you can emulsify it once it’s cooked and cooled by whizzing it up in a blender.


500g of bones – chef’s choice!

1/2 an onion

1 stick of celery

2 large leeks

1 carrot (yes it’s a root veg and technically not eaten on keto but it’s just 1 carrot in a large portion of broth)

1 bay leaf

Rock Salt

Black Pepper


Roast the bones in the oven at 180c/350f until they’re browned. If they’re chicken bones I suggest breaking them after they’re roasted.

Put all of the ingredients into a medium/large pot and cover with water.

Put on the lowest heat and let simmer for up to 12 hours (this makes sure that all the nutrients are extracted from the bones and the marrow.

Don’t let the broth boil – keep it at a gentle simmer. Skim as needed and discard any grey/murky scum.

Taste the broth and if you feel it needs more seasoning add more salt and pepper or any herbs of your choice.

Strain the broth through a sieve to remove and bone fragments. Broth can be stored in the fridge for a few days. If, when it goes cold, it develops a layer of solidified fat on top make sure you use it for cooking because it’s delicious!