I tell my clients to think of their daily carb allowance as a budget. Each individual client may have a different budget. For example a client who is morbidly obese and looking to lose weight will have a carb allowance betweeen 10g-20g per day. However another client, who is a champion weight lifter, has a carb allowance of 50g as his body will still produce ketones at this level.

For those of us on a smaller carb allowance it’s vitally important that we carefully divide that number to optimise our nutrition. If you use 15g of your 20g on carbage such as protein bars, dark chocolate, peanuts etc then you’re missing out on important and vital nutrients plus gut protecting fiber. Use your allowance wisely. With 20g you can fill up on nutrient dense food such as broccoli, cauliflower, aubergine and leafy  greens. Spinach has 1.6g of carbs per 100g portion. You would have to eat 1.25kg of spinach to get to your maximum carb level. I challenge anyone to try to eat that much spinach!! You can eat a lot of vegetables before you reach 20g of carbs so use that allowance wisely!