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121 In Person Coaching Clinics 2019

€150 for 1hr coaching plus 30 minute follow up!

The next 121, in person, coaching clinic will be on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of January 2019 in Dublin. Book early to avoid disappointment.

1 hour 121, in person, ketogenic nutrition coaching session with 30 minute follow up call for just €150. Places are limited. Inquire now to secure your place.


You’re here because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired

You’re here because you’re overweight and scared for your future

You’re here because you’re chronically tired and suffering every day

You’re feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed with this journey

You’re struggling with multiple health issues


Take back your life today!


What previous clients have to say

I count myself so lucky that I found Keto Christina to be my Keto coach! She is extremely well-read, intelligent, and her responsiveness is at the super-hero level. I really don’t know how she does it – she is so attentive and I know she has many, many clients.

Her heart and soul are in her work – not just her qualified brain and Keto-healthy body. She’s an expert who is passionate about the latest research and sharing that with her clients and the world.

But there are many out there – the reason to work with expert Keto Christina is that in addition to her expertise you get to benefit from her personal experience with Keto & weight loss, her empathy, her humor, and her kindness.

Denise - Geneva, Switzerland

I couldn’t have done this without Christina. She has a lovely down to earth delivery and it’s obvious that she cares about the people she’s helping.

Her advice is based on experience and she quickly pointed out my stupid excuses and coached me on how to change my thinking. The adjustment to macros as I went along was essential to my weight loss. Thanks to Christina I’ve lost 56lbs/25kg

Suzanna - Dublin, Ireland

I’ve struggled all my life to lose weight. Every year I’d get fatter and fatter. I tried every diet that you can think of more than once. Contacting Christina started me on a journey that transformed my life. She was so incredibly supportive and did not judge me when I fell off the wagon. She just pulled me back on.

She wasn’t a cheerleader, she was a coach and called me out on my bull!! I’m grateful for her support and I’ve lost 125lbs that will never come back. Knowing that I can just jump on a call for an hour with Christina keeps me motivated. I love you Christina!

Hazel – Surrey, UK


*Payment plans are available for 6 Month Program

From just €150 we can get you started on the most important journey you’ll ever take!

Only you can change the story

Be stubborn about your goals,

Be flexible about your methods

Never forget how wildly capable you are…

What previous clients have to say

I felt like I was doing ok on keto but I wasn’t feeling that high energy that everyone talks about.

Just 2 weeks into my coaching with Christina and she was able to see from my food diary that I had a bad intolerance to certain foods.

Once I removed the foods I was flying. I loved working with Christina. After every session I felt renewed and revived and it made it easier to stay keto knowing she would see what I ate! Saoirse, Dublin

I wish you lived in Ireland! I would happily drive to Dublin every week for a  consultation.

Our hour call every week FLEW by and before I knew it the program was finished.

I actually didn’t realise how much you were teaching me. By not telling me what to do but guiding me in my food decisions you actually made me learn how to pick the best foods for my body.

That knowledge is worth every penny I invested because it’s going to keep me healthy forever! Mairead, Tullamore

I though keto would solve all of my issues but I was still not well and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

After fixing my diet and adding the supplements I needed, Christina helped me to lose 28kg SO FAR! I still have some weigh to lose but I know now that I have to heal first.

Fixing my thyroid problem is complicated but I feel in much better control now. Thank you Christina. Marja, Helsinki

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