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My Master Keto in 4 Weeks are simple and straight forward step by step guides to help you save time getting started on keto and maximise your weight loss.


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I am overweight and the wrong side of 40. I discovered the keto diet but wasn’t sure where to start. Christina was able to point me in the right direction with simple to follow instructions and an honest outlook on what to expect. By following the Master Keto 4 week plan I was able to break this down into a step by step guide. After 5 weeks I am now 10kg lighter and feeling healthier than I have in a long time. This is my new beginning. Thank you Christina


I feel that the Master Keto in 4 Weeks program gave me an added benefit of seeing the written material. I am a visual learner so that was important to me. Also, I can go back and re-read some of the material in case I need a little refresher. And, any questions that I have are always answered quickly. A lot of good clear information for the cost. Thanks Christina.


Wanted to let you know, because of your genuineness and clarity guiding me the 1st 4 weeks on my Keto journey through your Master Keto in 4 Weeks program, I am at 131.2 lbs., 3.8 lbs. under goal. I dropped from Size 18 to Size 6.

There is so much that Keto has done for my body: my rosacea skin rash has disappeared; the chronic pain in my neck is minimal when before  it was painful; my memory is sharper; I’m never hungry, so fasting is easy and that’s when I really started to drop; I feel good, my energy is great, I can ride through a fast paced hour’s riding lesson (I’m an active 79 year-old) and not tire; the summer heat doesn’t bother me like it used to; my blood pressure is 117 over 78; I could go on…….and friends not knowing Keto don’t understand how all these seemingly non-related results could come about. They can only see the weight loss and energy.

People interested can research the internet to find out about Keto for themselves and try it for just 4 weeks (the biggest thing for me to learn: we’ve been misinformed all these years and saturated fat is OK).

Thank you Keto Christina, your genuineness and clarity of information in Master Keto in 4 Weeks program got me started and keeps me going. I can now have carbs on special occasions and get back on Keto the next day.


Learn to reset your mindset

Mindful Hunger©

Conventional dieting doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, not only because it only focuses on the calorie content of the food rather than the nutrition, but because it doesn’t tackle food issues.

Weight loss surgery works for weight loss initially but often the weight is regained. This is because it only focuses on the food and calories but doesn’t tackle food issues.

Keto works incredibly well for weight loss and the reversal of chronic disease and reduction of inflammation. Keto can help with long term maintenance of weight loss but often weight is regained. Keto removes the sugar high/sugar crash cycle that promotes cravings but it doesn’t tackle the emotional and mental aspect of food.

Learn to let go of your old eating habits forever

Mindful Hunger© is 5 modules of self paced learning, in your own time.

Each module is designed to help you learn how to reconnect with your body, be confident in your choices and make the best food choices for health.

Relearn what it really means to be hungry and how to manage each of the 9 types of hunger through personal exploration. This is a deep dive, intensive self reflection course. At the end of the course you will know your relationship with food intimately and how to enjoy food once more.

  • Let go of your emotional dependence on food
  • Learn how to enjoy food without any guilt or shame
  • Get back in control of what you eat
  • Release old food habits for good
  • Create a fresh new healthy relationship with food
  • Choose the food you love, unburdened by emotions
  • Learn to feed what your body needs

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