My advice to someone starting keto is always to eat lots of dietary fat. As much as possible. Add butter or coconut oil to everything – coffee, vegetables and meat. Eat keto fat bombs galore. This advice is really important to help newcomers to become fat adapted. What does that mean in reality? What I’m doing is helping you to teach your body that fat is a source of fuel that is not going to be in short supply, especially if the goal of keto, for you, is weight loss. In other words we need to force the body to burn fat by making it the most abundant fuel.

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Once you’re “fat adapted” or in nutritional ketosis, the amount of fat you eat (dietary fat) needs to drastically decrease. This is to allow your body to access and use the fat stores you already have as it’s primary fuel.

Think of it like this – you chop lots of wood for the winter, have it stocked up outside your house. When the first snow falls you burn your furniture instead of using the wood you already had stocked. Your fat fuel is like that. If you continue to eat the fat your body needs for fuel then you’re never going to make it to burning the fat you already have stored.

So once the first 4-6 weeks of keto is completed dietary fat needs to be reduced. It’s vitally important, however, that you eat enough fat to keep yourself satisfied. If you cut back too much, you’ll end up hungry and your body will get concerned about the lack of calories and dial back your metabolism and fat burning to conserve fuel.

It’s a very fine line between keto and starvation believe it or not. So eat enough fat to feel full and satisfied. Once you reach your goal weight you can start to eat a little more fat. It’s at this point that you can reintroduce BPC (Bullet Proof Coffee) and fat bombs. If you’re still in weight loss mode best to skip them and eat a meal with moderate protein, non starchy carbs and enough fat to fill you.

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