Are you feeling deprived?

You know a diet is popular when it has nicknames given by people who want to be able to eat whatever they want but still call it keto. Dirty keto, lazy keto, clean keto URGH. I really dislike these terminologies and with an epic dose of irony I’m adding another – “Try Everything Keto”. At first glance you might think that it sounds promising, like you might get to eat all the things. Sorry, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

When weight loss stops

Try Everything Keto is a phenomenon born out of frustration because weight loss is too slow or has stopped completely. This approach, simply put, is when you try every trick or tool you know of to get the weight loss moving again. Fasting, intermittent fasting, egg fast, beef and butter fast, fat fast, carnivore, keto carnivore, low protein keto, high protein keto, moderate fat keto, high fat lower protein keto and on and on. 

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Let’s try this thing today!

Is this you? Are you trying something new every couple of days because that number on the scales won’t move? Or worse, it’s going up! Hands up who knows this pain! Your favourite keto coach has been there too and then some. Each week brought a new plan of attack because I wasn’t going to be beaten by a weighing scale! Yet each approach fails miserably and you don’t know why. Let me tell you why.

It’s called homeostasis. Your body loves things to stay the same and it tries to keep things the same at all times including your weight! It tries hard to hang on to that extra weight because it’s energy savings, in case you need it during a famine. Clever body eh? When you change what you are eating or how often you are eating, your body needs some time to understand that it’s safe to spend the savings.

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Sorry, it won’t happen overnight

If you are constantly switching up your approach to breaking your stall, you’re not giving your body enough time to feel safe. It’s best to use a new approach for at least 2 weeks before you write it off as “not working”. Your body needs that time to adjust to your new strategy and if you haven’t got the patience to slow down and wait, you might just be sabotaging your weight loss. My advice is to pick something, stick with  it for a month and if it doesn’t work (no weight loss or other results) then move on to the next thing. Remember that you didn’t get to the weight you are at overnight so it’s not going to come off overnight either. 

Christina xx