Are you feeling deprived?

Being on a “diet” long term can leave us feeling real dieting fatigue at the thought of being “stuck” or “restricted”. If you have trouble sticking to keto for more than a week or two at once you may have dieting fatigue but what is it and what can you do about it?

Beat the statistics!

I’m 3 years, 4 months and 20 days on keto as of today. This makes me a statistical anomaly in that I’ve lost more than 10% of my starting body weight and I’ve kept it off for more than a year.

The numbers for the successful maintenance of weight loss are bleak at best. However the longer you keep it off the easier it’s supposed to get. Supposedly!

Just a small piece please

About a year and a half into my journey I had lost 105lbs/46kg and I was feeling great physically. Thoughts were starting to creep in though. I started to feel a pain point that I couldn’t have popcorn at the cinema, ice-cream on holiday (Italy has the best ice cream in the world) or enjoy my mother-in-law’s incredible home-made ravioli. Surely by now I’ve wrangled my food demons and can enjoy just a little here and there? I convinced myself that I was strong enough. Oh how wrong was I?!

I was feeling dietary fatigue and I was frankly so tired of having a whole section of “food I can’t eat” in the supermarket, at restaurants, on holidays, at parties etc. Being surrounded by people much slimmer than me having just a piece of cake or a small popcorn at the cinema. I wanted a piece of that. How nice would it be to just have a handful of chips with my steak on a Saturday night or enjoy a coffee and a croissant on a Sunday morning at the local boulangerie with all of the other effortlessly slim French women.

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Turning it around

Alas though, as you’ve probably predicted, it was a disaster. It ramped up alarmingly quickly so that I was having “just a little of this” every single day. Throw in a rogue thyroid and a 6 week period eating low fat, high carb due to gallbladder surgery and I was 20lbs heavier and struggling to get back to strict keto. 

I started to track everything I was eating and went back to basics including adding back intermittent fasting.  I realised that in the months before my dieting fatigue kicked in I was eating quite low calorie for extended periods thinking I was great to be able to fast so much. Hindsight is priceless eh?! I know now that fasting has to be well managed. You can easily fast too much and break your metabolism. It has to be done carefully. I believe this triggered my period of overeating even keto food. It’s a well documented side effect of prolonged calorie restriction. Fasting can cause binge eating even if it increases metabolism and growth factor. Everything in moderation except carbs!!

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It’s never just one

Eventually I broke through and climbed off the plateau train and put the dietary fatigue behind me. Through a process of elimination over the last year I found that I was doing 3 or 4 things just a little wrong enough to make me stall. Add in the thyroid and gallbladder and it was inevitable that I would gain weight.

Finding what causes the plateau can be hard to identify and it really is a process of eliminating all of the potential causes until you can identify the right one and adjust it. Dieting fatigue is probably a cause of a lot of plateaus as we fight with feeling deprived and want to be able to have “just one”. It’s never just one though is it?! 

Christina xx