You have probably heard me say a million times that the quality of fat you eat is more important than the quantity. In fact, the better the quality, the less quantity you eat, but that’s an aside. If you’re like me, you might have some problems with fat from meat if it’s not cooked well. The mouthfeel of fat is not something that we’re used to and because we’ve had decades of conditioning about how dangerous fat is, some of us have developed an unconscious bias to fat

So when I was making my lunch yesterday I was practicing my Mindful Hunger© and really paying attention to what I was doing in order to prepare my food.

This involves just simply observing the movements, the ingredients, the smells etc. of what I am preparing. I realised that I do something to the fat on the steak that may benefit many of you so I want to share it!

I have a bit issue eating the fat on a steak if it’s not well cooked and crispy. If it is still at all grissly I can’t eat it. It really repulses me but I know how beneficial and nutritious it is so I wanted to find a way to eat it and that’s what I’m going to share with you. It’s simple and you may already do it yourself but I wanted to share anyway!

Step 1

Find a nice piece of steak, the more marbelled the better. This means that the ratio of protein to fat is better. We tend to go for leaner cuts out of habit and this is something I really had to work on.

Step 2

Cut off the fat cap from the steak.

Step 3

Put the fat cap into a hot pan first for a couple of minutes before you start to cook the steak. Mine is cooking in some Kerrygold (naturally!)

Step 4

Add the steak to the pan

Step 5

Allow both to cook and once the steak is cooked to your liking remove it from the pan and let it sit for a few minutes. Leave the fat in the pan.

Step 6

If you’re cooking a side separately you can skip this step but let the fat continue to cook while you prepare the rest of the dish. If you’re going to use the same pan add whatever sides you’re having. I made mushrooms.

Step 7

Plate up and enjoy your steak, sides and delicious crispy fat. Oh it’s good!!