The first few hard days on keto

The first week on keto means 7 hard days, especially if you’ve come straight from a high carb diet. Getting ready and being prepared for those hard days on keto can mean the difference between a few easy days and a few hard days. I’m going to share my 4 tips to help you get over the first hard days on keto.

Preparing for the hard work

1. Prepare your pantry

Get rid of any carbage that remains in your house. If you’re living with family and can’t get rid of it then put it somewhere that you won’t see on a regular basis (like the garage!) and ask your family to support you until you can look past them without temptation

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2. Stock your fridge with easy and quick snacks

During the first few days and weeks I always coach people to eat, eat and eat. Don’t worry about skipping meals, intermittent fasting or anything like that in the first few days. You need your body to learn that although calories from glucose are much less, calories from fat are abundant. Keeping yourself full will also help to stop carb cravings.

3. Drink bone broth daily and take your electrolytes

This applies to everyone. There is no situation where I would say you can get away with no bone broth and electrolytes during your first few weeks. If you are moving on to organ meat, bone marrow and blood products like black sausage, then once you’re fat adapted you may not need them but during the first few days you most certainly will. The bone broth and electrolytes will also help with carb cravings.

4. Drink plenty of water – but not too much!!

Detox diets are a load of hokey, in the realm of snake oil salesmen. The liver and kidneys are your detox system and during the initial stages of your transition to keto they’re going to be working hard. You can help them do their job by having enough water. The less you drink the more work your kidneys have to do to filter the fluids in your body for what you need. Don’t go drinking 5 litres though. Too much water will dilute your already depleted electrolytes making even more work for the kidneys. Try to have at least 1.5 litres a day.

Christina xx