Food Intolerance Test

I recently had a food intolerance test with very surprising results indeed. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it now below. I learned about food intolerance test in college and being the absolute queen of self experimentation I wanted to have the tests done. I chose a very well known lab in the UK that has been doing food intolerance testing for decades.


The shocking results

The results were a mix of completely expected and absolutely shocking! Below is a picture of the results I got. Normally with these IgG food intolerance tests the food you consume the most comes up because they’re not exactly 100% accurate. It’s simply the nature of the test and I knew that before I decided to test. It wasn’t that I wasn’t feeling ok or had symptoms, it’s pure curiosity on my part.

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Consulting with senior nutritionists

I consulted with 2 highly respected senior nutritionists with decades more experience than me and both told me that in their experience the 12 week elimination protocol is an older style and that both use just 2 week elimination for two reasons. Firstly, 2 weeks are usually more than enough for intolerances, 12 weeks are best for actual allergies. Secondly, seeing as I’m keto, my healing is lightspeed compared to carb eaters so after 2 weeks I’ll know if I’m actually reacting to these foods.


Cheese Wilderness

I was staring into a bleak wilderness of cheeseless existence for 12 weeks and I wasn’t particularly happy about it. I really hope that when I reintroduce the foods I’ve cut out I don’t have any reactions.  I’ll of course be filming typical meals during this elimination and my reintroduction. I’m already though 8 days out of 14 which makes me really happy!!

Do you need to do this test?

No, these tests are not essential. If there is a food you think you are reacting to simply cut it out for 2 weeks and then see what happens when you eat it. If you have a reaction like digestive issues, joint pain, headaches, mind fog etc then cut out for another 4 weeks and try again.

Christina xx