Just one keto pill a day and you’ll lose loads of weight

Ah keto pills for weight loss! Did that headline grab your attention? I’m not surprised.  I would have paid thousands to be given a pill to take once a day to lose weight. Probably tens of thousands actually. There is a huge amount of money to be made in offering people a quick and easy shortcut to losing weight. 

In my nutrition coaching practice I’m contacted at least once a week by companies asking me to sell various weight loss potions, pills and shakes through affiliate marketing.

Some of these companies are owned by very well known keto experts.

I won’t publically call them out here but I now have less than zero respect for them. These are very lucrative deals offering me thousands and I could easily make millions a year doing this.

I have said no to every single one. Not because I don’t want the money, I would gladly say goodbye to money worries!

Why don’t I sell exogenous ketones?

I’ve said no because my integrity is worth more to me. I want to be able to keep my head held high and know that I have stuck to my morals. I wouldn’t ever sell someone a dream based on their biggest health issues. It’s distasteful and downright dastardly. I know that selling you exogenous ketones won’t help with your weight loss and by doing that I would be the biggest hypocrite.

I give away my knowledge and experience for free here and on YouTube because it’s my belief that access to this information should be for everyone regardless of income level. That’s the way healthcare should be. Universal – for everyone, everywhere. If you can afford to avail of private coaching with me then great! However you won’t be denied success by not being able to afford me. It might be a bit harder and take a bit longer but it can be done!

I made a video back in last year urging those just starting on their keto journey to avoid exogenous ketones at all costs (physical and monetary!) and allow their bodies to make the ketones (endogenous) itself.

You can see the video here.

Worryingly though I’m still getting questions asking which pills to take or how many to take per day so I’m going to tackle the subject again.

Ketones – why we should make them ourselves

Our bodies are like hybrid cars – run on both ketones and glucose.  The brain needs glucose to run, without it we would slip into a coma and die. That’s why hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar) is so dangerous. When there is not enough glucose to fuel all of our systems the body creates ketones. It then sends them to fuel the parts that can use ketones. the body also produces glucose to fuel the parts that can only use glucose as a fuel like the brain.

Ketones are simply a form of fuel that our bodies makes from fatty acids (what’s left after digesting fat) in our liver. When we eat keto what we actually mean is that we’re restricting carbohydrate (glucose). Restriction to a level low enough that we kick start the body making ketones from our fat and using that to fill the deficit. This means we can efficiently run a hybrid body and they are called endogenous (made inside the body) ketones.

When we introduce exogenous (made outside the body) ketones what we are doing is fueling ourselves with ketones but because we’re not making them ourselves from our stored fat we don’t lose weight. To lose weight we must use our own ketones, not add them from an outside source. It doesn’t do anything except stop weight loss.

Go back to my trusty metaphor of the body as an engine. To get to tap into the back up petrol tank (your stored fat) you have to empty the main tank (the food calories you eat). If you take in excess fuel (through food or exogenous ketones) you will never empty the main tank enough to tap into the back up!

Don’t waste your money on exogenous ketones if weight loss is your goal. Make your own and lose weight!