A client complained to me that he was sick of bacon. I know I was shocked too.

He has been on keto for over a year and lost 40kg so far but he was getting bored with breakfast. He wanted to have a treat for the weekends when he didn’t have to rush out to work. He asked me to find him a good keto alternative to bacon and eggs. I asked him about the breakfasts he used to have pre-keto. Obviously the waffles, crepes and pancakes were out of scope but I was able to find a keto version of delicious crepes. I make these in the blender to get the best consistency.

Makes 6 small crepes – 3.5g of net carbs per serving

60g of cream cheese (check the label, low fat cream cheese is usually lower in carbs)

2 medium eggs

pinch of salt

Dash of vanilla

2 teaspoons of cinnamon (or whatever spice you like)


Whiz up in the blender and allow to sit for a few minutes to allow some of the bubbles to dissipate. Put a pan on the head on medium and add a knob of butter. Once the butter is bubbling pour in a small measure of mixture into the center of the pan. Once you see bubbles form on the top it’s time to flip over. Cook on the other side for about a minute. Serve with a big chunk of butter or your favourite sugar free syrup.