Manage your Negative Emotions

Negative emotions can have a huge impact on your ability to stay strict on your diet. When we feel negative emotions they are uncomfortable. They’re unpleasant and we’d rather not feel them right now thank you very much. So we do what we can to skip on over to feeling good.

For some people this means going for a walk, a bike ride or for a swim. For others that means getting lost in their favourite book, doing some yoga, meditation or phoning a friend. For those of us who are using food as a drug we turn to the carbs.

Carbs are an awesome drug. They work every time and they are so good at numbing us from feeling whatever it is we don’t want to feel. It doesn’t matter what the carb is, although we have our favourites, as long as we get that hit we’re ok.

Only we are not. The other ways to deal with negative emotions that I talked about above are healthy. They contribute to feeling better in a holistic way and they actually contribute to overall health. Instead, turning to drugs (carbs, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping etc.) to numb ourselves is hugely damaging to us, our health and the people around us that care for us.

“What you eat, when you emotionally eat, has nothing to do with the food 

So how do you stop eating away your feelings? Well as I always say in my Whole 360 program. “What you eat, when you emotionally eat, has nothing to do with the food”. Having a piece of cake because it’s your birthday and eating a multipack of snickers because you had a fight with your partner are wholly different things. One is a conscious decision the other is a knee jerk reaction to negative emotion that sends you looking for a drug hit. 

How do you stop yourself reacting like that? Well here is where the work starts. You have to unpack, unblock and clear yourself of the negative emotions so you can learn to deal with them in a healthy way. The first step is identifying them. I’ve put together a free exercise sheet on negative emotions that you can download at the bottom of this page. Send me an email when you’ve done the exercises and tell me what came up for you. I will be waiting to hear! Good luck

Christina xx