My favourite carbs for a keto diet

Carbs has become a dirty word in the keto community. It’s got a really bad wrap and I want to give the humble carb a positive spin. I want to talk about my favourite carbs. Not my addictive behaviour triggering carbage but my favourite carbs that are actually beneficial and promote health.

Are all carbs bad?

No they’re not. When I talk about bad carbs I’m talking about carbage. Man made and full of nasty seed oils and manufactured fats. Yuck. Rightly so, these types of carbs are the real bad egg of the carb world. Highly manufactured and barely recognizable as food, these disgusting frankenfoods should be avoided at all costs. These are the ones that make us sick. 

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My favourite carb sources

Now we’re on to the best bit – the food. Below are my top ten favourite carb sources not necessarily in any order:

  1. Hazelnuts (best eaten with the dark chocolate!)
  2. Cheddar cheese
  3. Cream
  4. Dark Chocolate
  5. Celeriac mash 
  6. Halloumi
  7. Brussels sprouts
  8. Coconut cream (makes a great faux yoghurt if you’re dairy free)
  9. Greek yoghurt
  10. Mushrooms

You can see how diversely I spend my carb budget and this is not an exhaustive list. My tastes and preferences change throughout the year. I’ve just come off a macadamia run! So don’t see these healthy, nutritious carbs as the enemy. Divide them mentally into two piles.

1. Carbage (to be avoided at all costs)

2. Carbs (healthy sources of nutrition that need to me somewhat limited due to sugar content)…

and suddenly carbs aren’t so scary any more!

Christina xx