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Everything we think we know about nutrition is wrong. Dangerously wrong. Decades of low fat and high carb diets have left most of us sick, obese and battling with chronic disease.

Ketogenic and Low Carb Coaching is designed to help you take back control of your health and wellness. It’s designed to look at your diet and lifestyle to help you optimise and get started. My primary goal is to educate on keto and low carb to enable you to be able to make the best food choices for you. 121 Coaching gives you the tools you need through education and optimisation of your nutrition. Consultations are done either online or in person in Geneva, Switzerland and surrounding areas.


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By working together we can get you to your ideal body weight goal, improve health and overall quality of life. I will teach you the fundamentals of the ketogenic diet while keeping it simple to fit into your busy lifestyle. By following the steps we can get you onto the keto diet, optimise your nutrition and start to take control of your health.

Losing weight is not about the calories, nor is it about spending hours in the gym. I achieved my weight loss without any exercise. Telling you what to eat is only 10% of what you need to actually lose weight. Dealing with the 90% emotional and mental aspect takes tools, time and good coaching! To find out more about 121 coaching with Christina please click on the button below.


Because food isn’t boring!

Keto Chocolate and Avocado Tart

This keto chocolate and avocado tart may just be the most decadent, delicious keto dessert out there. Made from 2 whole avocados and rich raw cacao powder, this tart is creamy, buttery and chocolaty with a slight apple aftertaste from the avocados. It's delicious. I...

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Bone broth – how to make your own

Bone broth recipe is probably one of the most popular recipes requested from newbies starting out on a keto diet. It's an important way to make sure that you get key nutrients, electrolytes and good fats. Keto bone broth is the way to do this. I'm going to provide you...

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Keto Granola

Keto granola is the best substitute if you are missing cereal. I was never a big cereal eater but sometimes it's nice to just grab a bowl of granola and have a quick snack. I've already done a video on YouTube showing how I make this keto granola. You can see it here....

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Grab a cuppa & take time out!

Keto on Vacation

Last month we had a week long vacation to Sardinia. You can watch the vlog here. I managed to stay keto the entire vacation, without too much effort. It was quite easy to stay keto actually. I did give myself a talking to before we came and I decided that I was going...

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Christina’s Keto Cocktail

At ketofest I was introduced to the keto cocktail. This was the brainchild of Carl Franklin and it was on tap on Science Sunday. I had 2 big glasses of it, it was delicious and very refreshing. Carl’s keto cocktail recipe is different and I’ve adapted it slightly...

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The Keto 360 Podcast

Hey Ketofam! I’m really excited to be finally able to tell you about the project I’ve been working on these last few months. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. It’s so important to me get the message about keto out into the world and I use the platforms...

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