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Please note that I do not provide meal plans or supply recipes.

121 coaching is a very intense and personal journey that helps you identify areas that you need support, accountability and motivation done with positive encouragement and no judgement.

I can help you to achieve your goals no matter how ambitious without sacrificing what is important to you. Coaching helps to bring clarity and control to your relationship with your body and the food you eat. It helps calm anxiety and puts the fun and adventure back into eating.

General Consultations are €120 for one 60 minute call via phone or Skype

Would you love to feel supported, encouraged and motivated to stick to keto?

Instead of battling your way through each day unsure of what to eat and how?



Would you love to feel successful and fulfilled with your food each day?

Instead of sacrificing delicious food because your calorie counter says you’ve eaten enough?

From just €150 we can get you started on the most important journey you’ll ever take!

There is a coaching package to suit you.

We start with a free 30 minute complimentary call to get to know each other and to see if private coaching is right for you. If we both feel that we are happy to proceed with 121 coaching then we will discuss a time frame and I will propose a bespoke plan based on your desires, needs and your goal. Most commonly is a 2 to 3 month package. 

Once we decide to proceed you will be sent a welcome pack. This will contain a 3 day food and lifestyle diary for you to fill in and some exercises to do before we have our first consultation. These exercises are designed to dive deep into your mindset, personal goals, health and happiness and help you begin a thought-provoking insight. This will help us identify areas that need attention. You will achieve clarity on your goals and your desires. What do you really want?

Please note that I do not provide meal plans or supply recipes.

Our first coaching session together will be 90 minutes in which I will complete a full assessment to explore your current health, historical health and your nutrition. I will also delve into areas of your life that might be interfering with getting you to your goal. We will also discuss intentions, goals and desires. These sessions will be via Skype video, voice call or in person if you live around Geneva, Switzerland.

Based on a 2 month package we will have 4 further one hour coaching sessions. The content of these sessions will be based on your needs. I often cover the following in these sessions:

Food diary review: I take a look at what you have eaten in the period between calls and assess whether your current eating plan will help you achieve your goals.

Macro adjustment: If you aren’t seeing results I will work with you to adjust your macros. The closer you get to your goal the more we have to adjust.

Mindset: I will help you to master the mindset needed to keep going with your keto journey. I will unpick with you your limiting beliefs, challenge your inner critic and help you get into the right mindset. These sabotaging thoughts are often unconscious and we need to learn and practice how to control and counter them.

Goals and desires: You may be starting with weight loss as your number one goal but very often clients goals will shift during the first few weeks as we see improvements in overall health, chronic disease, energy, mental health etc.

Physical being: Remember that your physical wellbeing is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve together so I will be looking at how you take care of your body. Are you sleeping? Resting? Relaxing? Nourishing? I will also help you to start to listen to your body and recognise it’s needs beyond what your brain tells you. By simply listening to what your body is telling you, you can thrive every step of the journey.

Emotions: Women especially have a very complex and emotional relationship with food. During this induction period some of these emotions will come to the surface especially if you have been using food to anaesthetise feelings. Our coaching sessions will help to identify the feelings and give you techniques to deal with them as they arise.

 We won’t be papering over any cracks. We will be pulling down the wall and assessing the real you. Brick by brick we will rebuild the real you.

 As a private 121 coaching client you will also benefit from tools specifically created to assist you in continuing keto once your sessions are completed. If you do not feel that you are ready to go alone, we can renew your package (discount applies) 


  • Full keto food list
  • Comprehensive list of All The Names for Sugar
  • Tracking Sheets
  • Workbooks
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

By working together I will show you how easy it is to eat a ketogenic diet without needing a meal plan. It’s very simple and straightforward and with the comprehensive food list I provide you can pick and choose the meals that are right for you.

Payment plans are available on request.

If you participate in the 90 minute intake call and choose not to select a package you are liable for €150 for the initial call. Pay as you go calls are €100 per 60 minute session after this.

Home visits and pantry assessments are available for clients in Geneva area.

Pay as you go plans are €150 for the first session and then each 1 hour coaching call will be €100 

Private 121 Coaching – either in person (Geneva area) or via Skype or phone

Bespoke support that fits into your busy life to enable effortless weight loss

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Still not sure private coaching is for you?

I can help you to achieve your goals no matter how ambitious without sacrificing what is important to you. Coaching helps to bring clarity and control to your relationship with your body and the food you eat. It helps calm anxiety and puts the fun and adventure back into eating.

121 coaching is not only about the food you eat to fuel your body. It’s also about working on your mindset and dealing with the inner critic who tells you every day that you’re not good enough/too fat/too lazy/not worth it.

What previous clients have to say

I count myself so lucky that I found Keto Christina to be my Keto coach! She is extremely well-read, intelligent, and her responsiveness is at the super-hero level. I really don’t know how she does it – she is so attentive and I know she has many, many clients.

Her heart and soul are in her work – not just her qualified brain and Keto-healthy body. She’s an expert who is passionate about the latest research and sharing that with her clients and the world.

But there are many out there – the reason to work with expert Keto Christina is that in addition to her expertise you get to benefit from her personal experience with Keto & weight loss, her empathy, her humor, and her kindness.

Denise - Geneva, Switzerland

I couldn’t have done this without Christina. She has a lovely down to earth delivery and it’s obvious that she cares about the people she’s helping.

Her advice is based on experience and she quickly pointed out my stupid excuses and coached me on how to change my thinking. The adjustment to macros as I went along was essential to my weight loss. Thanks to Christina I’ve lost 56lbs/25kg

Suzanna - Dublin, Ireland

I’ve struggled all my life to lose weight. Every year I’d get fatter and fatter. I tried every diet that you can think of more than once. Contacting Christina started me on a journey that transformed my life. She was so incredibly supportive and did not judge me when I fell off the wagon. She just pulled me back on.

She wasn’t a cheerleader, she was a coach and called me out on my bull!! I’m grateful for her support and I’ve lost 125lbs that will never come back. Knowing that I can just jump on a call for an hour with Christina keeps me motivated. I love you Christina!

Hazel – Surrey, UK

For €120 you can do all of the things you’ve ever dreamed of being able to do!

Is your weight and health causing you to miss out on, or not fully enjoy, occasions such as holidays, activities such as biking or hiking or even just being able to get through the day without pain, fatigue or discomfort?

Are you suffering from non-specific issues such as pain, fatigue, PMT, anxiety, headaches, mood swings, recurrent illness or injuries such as back pain or shoulder pain?

Are you waking up tired each morning and struggling to get out of bed?

Are you relying on boosts such as sugar or caffeine daily?

Is your body confidence dropping, is your weight slowly creeping up year after year?

Do you suffer from bloating, IBS, IBD, PCOS, diverticular disease, Crohn’s, Coeliac disease?

Are you personal intimate relationships suffering because of your weight? 

If you answered yes to any of these then you need to take action today. You don’t need to suffer any more and with 121 coaching from me you can take back control of your weight and your health. Start living your life!

Take the leap now!

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Many weight loss programs fail because they are not individually tailored.

Keto is different from every other weight loss program because it can not be standardised. Each one of us has a unique biochemical makeup that means our bodies deal with food in different ways.

Coaching with me means that you can be secure in the knowledge that your keto program is right for you and if you stop getting results we can simply adjust it and move forward.

Only you can change your story

Be stubborn about your goals,

Be flexible about your methods

Never forget how wildly capable you are…

What previous clients have to say

I felt like I was doing ok on keto but I wasn’t feeling that high energy that everyone talks about.

Just 2 weeks into my coaching with Christina and she was able to see from my food diary that I had a bad intolerance to certain foods.

Once I removed the foods I was flying. I loved working with Christina. After every session I felt renewed and revived and it made it easier to stay keto knowing she would see what I ate! Saoirse, Dublin

I wish you lived in Ireland! I would happily drive to Dublin every week for a  consultation.

Our hour call every week FLEW by and before I knew it the program was finished.

I actually didn’t realise how much you were teaching me. By not telling me what to do but guiding me in my food decisions you actually made me learn how to pick the best foods for my body.

That knowledge is worth every penny I invested because it’s going to keep me healthy forever! Mairead, Tullamore

I thought keto would solve all of my issues but I was still not well and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

After fixing my diet and adding the supplements I needed, Christina helped me to lose 28kg SO FAR! I still have some weigh to lose but I know now that I have to heal first.

Fixing my thyroid problem is complicated but I feel in much better control now. Thank you Christina.

Marja, Helsinki

Start living today!!

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