Tummy Tuck Surgery and buying bigger clothes

Did you know that I am waiting for a date for a tummy tuck surgery? If you’ve followed me on YouTube you will probably have seen my loose skin video. I made the video after the initial consultation with my surgeon. 

We made the application to my insurance company and thankfully they approved getting the front done. They said that while the front tummy tuck surgery was necessary, they didn’t consider the back to be covered as they thought it was more cosmetic which obviously isn’t covered. I asked for a review and I’m now in limbo waiting for an answer.

“it’s a massive surgery, 6 hours at least”

Either way they decide, I’m still going ahead to get the front surgery done. This is going to be a massive surgery, 6 hours at least, and with a recovery period of around 6 weeks! It’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly but the chronic back pain and discomfort made the decision a bit easier.
After the surgery I will have a very large wound to take care of. I will have drains and dressings to be taken care of. That means that I will need loose and baggy clothes. Last week I started to look online at the options and I realised something. I was finding it really hard to add the larger sized clothes to my shopping cart. I didn’t want to buy bigger sizes.

It amazed me how strongly I felt about this. I felt panicky and stressed at the thoughts of buying clothes with size UK18 on the label. I felt like I’ve been here already, I’ve worked hard to get down to UK12-14, from size UK22 and I didn’t want to go back up to size UK18. There is a deep psychological attachment to the label on my clothes. I wore them as a kind of trophy, a medal that proved I had worked hard and got close to my goal.

In reality, women’s clothes labelling is a mess. Vanity sizing means that clothes with the same size on the label can vary wildly when it comes to the fit. I went to my own wardrobe and looked at my clothes. I had everything from size UK10 (which I am definitely not) to UK18 there. All of these clothes fit me perfectly. How is that possible? Well it’s because nowadays the label is pretty much meaningless. It gives you a ballpark range that may or may not work for you. It’s a toss of a dice.
So with that in mind I bit the bullet and got 2 new pairs of pajamas in size UK18. That is 2ish sizes bigger than normal. I got 2 tops in L and XL and 2 pairs of comfy tracksuit bottoms in UK18.

I think that is more than enough to do me post surgery and it was a valuable lesson on focusing on a pretty meaningless measurement of weight loss success!

Christina xx